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General Description:

Dachshunds are happiest when they are with people. They are very clever and always entertaining. The name comes from German origin and means "Badger Dog". They are not only scent hounds, but also go to the earth as a terrier does. Like most dogs, they love to be on a set schedule and will do the best if you give them this opportunity. They are very smart and will learn to anticipate your every move. Dachshunds usually do well with other dogs and if your are away much, they prefer to have a buddy to sit with while they anxiously await your return. These dogs love to be the star of the show and can keep a room entertained with their antics. Dachshunds can have very long lives & deserve to have an owner who is willing to make the committment of love that they need for the duration.



Miniature: eleven pounds or less, Standard: sixteen pounds or more.



Red, black & tan, chocolate, wild boar, gray and fawn, dapple. Three coat types: Smooth, Wirehaired, Long.


Energy Level:

Lively and alert into their senior years.


Life expectancy:

Fifteen years average.



Young children are often not recommended.


Other animals:

Usually fearless and also quite compatible with other dogs.



Great at keeping a smile on your face all day. Can keep up with an active lifestyle, can walk a lot farther than you would expect, great ball players.



Low maintenance and can be groomed at home with ease. Minor shedding & minimal grooming.



Can be prone to disc disease, should use caution with jumping & keep at a healty weight, important to keep their teeth cleaned to avoid teeth & gum problems.


Best with:

A squeaky toy or ball, a spot next to you in your bed, a safe fenced yard, a warm place to snuggle, and a lot of patience and loving.


Not for:

People who are gone a lot, white carpets, perfect obedience, people who don't consider their dog as a part of the family.



You become their world, fun, adorable, compact , love to go everywhere with you, great companions, very affectionate & love to cuddle.



You become their world, can have separation anxiety, housebreaking issues, stubborn, can be vocal, hate to get their tummies wet, bed hogs.


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