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Standard Schnauzer


General Description:

The Standard Schnauzer is a robust, heavy set dog with good muscle and bone His nature combines a high spirited temperament with reliability. The 14th century German tradesmen who traveled the countryside with carts loaded with wares wanted a guard dog of medium size, so as not to take up a lot of room on the cart, yet strong enough to protect their carts. The tradesmen crossed the black German poodle, the gray wolfspitz and the Wirehaired Pinscher. It was 50 years before the breed was established.The first importation was around 1900. It wasn’t until WW1 that the S/Schnauzer was brought to the US in any significant numbers. The S/Schnauzer was used by the Red Cross for guard duty during the war.



Females: Preferred height at the withers is 17-19 inches, and roughly 35 pounds. Males: Preferred height at the withers is 18-20 inches, and roughly 40 pounds.



All shades or pepper and salt from dark iron gray to silver gray or pure black.


Energy Level:

Very high


Life expectancy:

12 to 15 years



They are known for their love and devotion to their family and are reliable with children.


Other animals:

Generally will except other dogs, have a strong prey drive for small animals.



Standard Schnauzers excel in obedience, agility, herding, tracking.



Beards and leghair need to be brushed often enough to avoid matting. The coat must be machine clipped every 6-8 weeks or the coat should be rolled every two weeks. They can also be stripped every 5 or 6 months. A properly groomed S/schnauzer should not shed.



The Standard Schnauzer Club of America has just concluded a health survey, with no one health issue as predominate.


Best with:

Active people with dog experience.


Not for:

Couch potatoes, or first time dog owners.



Good companions known for their devotion. Don’t shed when properly groomed. Have no doggy smell.



Standard Schnauzer are very high energy . They can jump a 6 foot fence. They are like a mischievous child they need a firm, but not rough hand. They will get away with whatever they can and will rule the house if allowed.


Further Information:

There are few Standard Schnauzers that end up in shelters or in rescue in the PNW. The area can boast of more than 10 very responsible breeders.
Standard Schnauzer Club of America
Standard Schnauzer Cub of N Cal
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