Rescue and Referral

RescueOverview of our Rescue and Referral Approach

How Our Rescue Process Works

SPDR receives reports from shelters about purebreds needing rescue. SPDR is also contacted by individuals who can no longer keep their purebred dog. Sometimes SPDR may place dogs into temporary foster homes. SPDR refers prospective adopters to available dogs, by sending the adopters to the shelter or to the individual holding the dog.

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How Our Adoption Process Works

After submitting an online adoption application, a potential adopter will be contacted by phone or email. Finding the right dog may take a short time, but might take months. Having patience will help. The Breed Rep cannot predict when dogs become available.

Before any adoption is finalized, the adopter’s home and yard will be checked by an SPDR volunteer to assess suitability for the specific dog.

Once an appropriate match has been made, SPDR Breed Reps provide ongoing support in dog ownership issues, training, and activities. Our goal is not only a successful adoption, but a life-long match.

What’s a Breed Rep?

At the heart of SPDR’s process are volunteers we call Breed Reps. These volunteers have extensive experience with a particular breed. Many have dedicated years to working, training, showing, breeding and rescuing dogs, often through local and national breed clubs. Their special knowledge of a breed is what sets SPDR apart.