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About SPDR Breed Reps


At the heart of SPDR’s rescue and adoption process are volunteers we call Breed Reps. These individuals are the backbone of SPDR—their first-hand, in-depth knowledge of their breed is what sets SPDR apart.

A Breed Rep's expertise is available during and after the adoption process. They can also help counsel owners to work through problems that will enable them to keep a dog rather than rehome it.

SPDR’s rescue approach is characterized by a team of volunteers called Breed Representatives. These individuals typically possess first-hand knowledge and years of experience with a particular breed, and have been carefully screened and trained by SPDR to coordinate that breed’s rescue.

Breed Reps provide a liaison between people looking to adopt, and dogs needing adoption.

As a result of an SPDR Breed Rep’s guidance during adoption, prospective adopters are able to:

  1. Learn more about a particular breed before making a decision to adopt.

  2. Determine whether a particular breed is right for their lifestyle and expectations.

  3. Avoid spending days or weeks visiting shelters in search of a particular breed.

  4. Get a knowledgeable opinion about a specific dog to determine its unique characteristics, adoptability, and appropriate “fit” for their household.

Most importantly, an SPDR Breed Rep’s commitment continues long after adoption. When questions or issues arise, the adoptive family can ask for advice in matters of health, behavior, and training.

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