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How to Adopt a Dog Through SPDR


Step 1

Start by reading our Frequently Asked Questions about adopting. This will explain how SPDR works, how the adoption process works, and what to expect. Click the red button below to get started:

Step 2

If you are contacting us about a specific dog that you saw listed by SPDR on the PetFinder website, proceed to Step 3.

If you are not contacting us about a specific dog, click on our “Breeds” link to see if SPDR currently handles the breed you are interested in adopting. If we do, proceed to Step 3.

Step 3

Fill out our Online Adoption Application by clicking the red button below. If you prefer not to use an online form, you can download, print out, complete and mail in a printable Adoption Application; or call us at (206) 654-1117 to obtain the printed application.

Step 4

SPDR will forward your completed forms to the associated Breed Rep(s), who will contact you within one week.

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