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About the Breed: Keeshond


Smart and easily trained, the Keeshond is a great companion dog, perfect for walking, hiking, and family trips.


The Keeshond (pronounced kayz-hawnd) is an ancient breed that originated in Holland. It descends from many of the same dogs that contributed to the Samoyed, Siberian Husky, Norwegian Elkhound, Finnish Spitz, Chow Chow and Pomeranian.


The Keeshond is considered the most loved dog of Holland, and with good reason: he is lively, alert, smart, wonderful with kids, amicable with other dogs and animals, and loves nothing more than accompanying his family wherever they go.

Best With

  • People: this is a companion dog, who needs to be inside with his family.

  • Great for walking, hiking, and family trips.

Not For

  • Homes where the dog would be left alone most of the day, whether inside or outside.


  • Great size dog for a family.

  • Loves kids.

  • No natural dog odor.

  • Excellent alert dog (has a big dog bark and will let you know if anyone is near the house.

  • Personable.

  • Adaptable; travels well.

  • Generally good health.


  • Gets bored when alone. Will bark and dig if left alone outside. Because they are alert dogs, they will use outside opportunities to bark at everyone walking by, including normal neighborhood activity.

More Info




The Keeshond is a medium sized, square-appearing, sturdy dog, neither coarse not lightly made. The ideal height of fully matured dogs when measured from top of withers to the ground is 18 inches for males and 17 inches for bitches-a one inch variance either way is acceptable. While correct size is very important, it should not outweigh type.



A dramatically marked dog, the Keeshond is a mixture of gray, black and cream. This coloration may vary from light to dark. The hair of the outer coat is black-tipped, the length of the black tips producing the characteristic shading of color. The undercoat is very pale gray or cream, never tawny.

Energy Level:


Medium, loves short bursts of energy.

Life Expectancy:

On average, 12 to 16 years.



Adult Kees are generally terrific with children. Kees puppies are typical puppies with sharp teeth and nails who need to be monitored with children.

Other Animals:


Normally get along with other animals. Good with cats if taught to respect them.



Smart, easily trained using positive training. Loves the attention of working with owner(s). Happy to be included in every family activity. Great dog for walks or can be trained to run. Prefers agility, rally, and conformation to tedious repetition of general obedience, although they do well in obedience. Has also been used in pulling, and as sled dogs.



The Keeshond needs a basic grooming weekly, and more in-depth grooming once a month. This breed will blow its undercoat once or twice a year and needs to have that completely brushed/combed out. Keeshond have no natural body/coat odor.


General overall health is good. However, more genetic diseases are showing up in Kees and lately hearing about severe reactions to booster vaccines in Kees.

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