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About the Breed: Xoloitzcuintli / Mexican Hairless


Xolos are an ancient breed that are quite primitive in nature. They are devoted family members and fiercely protective.


The 3,000-year-old Xoloitzcuintli (pronounced “show-low-eats-QUEENT-lee”), the ancient Aztec dog of the gods, is today a loving companion and vigilant watchdog. The alert and loyal Xolo comes in three sizes, and in either hairless or coated varieties. The Xolo comes in three sizes (miniature, intermediate and standard), and two varieties (hairless and coated). 


Xolos are bright, alert, independent, loyal, and protective.

Best With

  • A loving home that can provide vigorous daily mental and physical exercise, and a regular routine. Because Xolos are extremely smart, their intelligence and energy need to be directed.

  • People with active lifestyles. The larger the Xolo, the more exercise they need.

  • Owners willing to use positive training only.

  • Depending upon the size, homes with a 6 foot solid wooden fence or secure farm fencing. Unless a Xolo is well trained, even an intermediate can easily scale a 6 ft fence if they want to.

Not For

  • People who are not willing to take the time and money to train.

  • Due to high training needs, not recommended as a first dog

  • People with sedentary. lifestyles should stick to older or smaller Xolos.

  • People with noisy or chaotic households.


  • Incredibly loyal and loving.

  • Extremely smart, quick learners.

  • Very protective of their family.

  • Very observant and velcro-y. (Don’t ever expect to go to the bathroom alone again…)


  • Can be overly protective of family.

  • Takes time to warm up to strangers and other animals.

  • Strong and powerful. If not trained, can be hard to handle.

More Info




The Xolo comes in three sizes (miniature, intermediate and standard), and two varieties (hairless and coated).



The hairless has tough, smooth, close-fitting skin. The coated variety is covered by a short, flat coat. Both varieties come in dark colors, ranging from black, gray-black, slate, to red, liver, or bronze.

Energy Level:


Extremely high.

Life Expectancy:

On average, 10 to 14 years.



Great with their own children. Their highly protective nature and innate caution with strangers makes them leery if you have kids coming and going on a regular basis.

Other Animals:


Xolos have high prey drive. They can not be in a home with cats unless they were raised with them. Caution is required around small dogs unless Xolos were raised with them. They have very primitive instincts... will stalk and hunt animals/birds, and are both swift and strong.



Xolos excel at performance sports such as agility, obedience, fly-ball.



Regular skin care including washing, dealing with breakouts, need lotion and sunscreen. If doing winter activities, consider a jacket or thermal layer.

Most are wash, comb and blow dry. No professional grooming or trimming needed.


Xolos are reasonably healthy overall.

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